• Avoid direct contact with water, aerosol sprays, perfumes, oil, chlorinated water and cleaning products as they may discolour or deteriorate the finish. If it does come in contact with water, please wipe it dry immediately.
  • Use a soft piece of fabric or polishing cloth to wipe down the jewellery to clean off make up and skin oils.
  • Store each of your jewellery in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, preferably in a box or a separate compartment. This is also to prevent from scratches from sharp objects.
  • Do not keep clay items in a pocket or purse with coins, keys and other sharpish things that can do damage.
  • If your pieces are accompanied by metal components, they may tarnish over time. Special care must be taken when cleaning those items. Do clean and wipe or polish gently with polishing cloth.


Tassel Earrings Tips

It is natural for tassels to become a little frayed and wrinkled overtime. Here are a few tips on how to straighten them tassels!

Tip 1: Lightly dampen the tassels with water and blow-dry them straight.
Tip 2: (If you have a hand held/regular steamer) Take a hand held/regular steamer and carefully place the steam under your tassels, letting the steam flow through starting at the top of the tassels and work your way down. Do the same for all sides.
Tip 3: Boil a pot of water and carefully hover the tassels above the steam while the water boils. Be very careful!